The Minecraft Overviewer

a high-resolution Minecraft world renderer with a LeafletJS interface

State of the Overviewer

For the last few months, Overviewer development has slowed. Fear not, the project is not dead! The semester is coming to a close and us core devs will hopefully re-acquire the necessary free time and motivation to handle some of the larger, outstanding, and much-requested features the community has been asking for.

Features like:

  • Easy addition of custom/mod blocks such as IC2, Redpower, etc.
  • As a superset of the above bullet, a plugin-type system for Overviewer to easily add functionality
  • A re-design of some of the config options that I personally think are confusing (like how --check-tiles works)
  • Better handling of maps edited with external tools
  • More performance improvements
  • A re-design of the docs to make it more clear and easier to find relevant information
  • Probably more I'm forgetting

I have high hopes that development will pick back up in the next few weeks. We've been keeping up with smaller bug-fixes and features, but these larger features require larger blocks of time.

Incidentally, if anyone out there has any Python experience, or would like to help e.g. with documentation, please see us on our IRC channel (#overviewer on Freenode). The Overviewer is a community-run project and needs volunteers to help keep things moving. That means you could help drive development while us regulars are too busy with school/work/vacation/whatever!