The Minecraft Overviewer

a high-resolution Minecraft world renderer with a Google Maps interface

Overviewer v0.12 is out, supporting Minecraft 1.8

Today Overviewer version 0.12 was released, which adds support for most of the Minecraft 1.8 blocks. You can download it at the usual location, right here on the download page. Not all 1.8 blocks are supported at this time; banners and armour stands are not implemented yet. These will not appear on your rendered map for now.

The new version of Overviewer requires a Minecraft 1.8 resource pack or the Minecraft 1.8 client. If you wish to stick with earlier versions of Minecraft, either use the latest Overviewer 0.11 version or install the Minecraft ...

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On the New optimizeimg

Hi, I'm CounterPillow. If you've ever been in our IRC channel, you've probably seen me. I have been an irregular contributor to Overviewer for some time now, and recently, I've rewritten the way optimizeimg works. I thought that this would be a good opportunity to explain what it is, and how to best use it.

First, let's explain what this is all about. In essence, this increases the time it takes to render a map in favor of smaller images. But how does it do that? optimizeimg allows you to run various image optimizers against ...

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Overviewer 0.11 released, supporting Minecraft 1.7

Earlier this week we released an update to Overviewer to support Minecraft 1.7. This includes support for all of the new blocks and biomes!

Head over to github or our downloads page to get a copy! As usual, stop by IRC, or open a github issue if you run into any problems.

We have also recently completed some long-needed work on our build infrastructure, so our Debian and RPM repositories should be updated much more often.  

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Minecraft 1.6 Support

This blog post is a bit late, but yes, the latest Overviewer does support the latest Minecraft version 1.6.

As some may know, Minecraft 1.6 adds Resource Packs, and thus the format for texture packs and has changed. Since Overviewer pulls textures straight from the Minecraft client assets, this necessitated a change in Overviewer. And as we're not fans of keeping lots of code around for backwards comparability, this means the latest versions of Overviewer will not support reading textures from Minecraft clients or texture packs from 1.5 and before.

This typically isn't a big ...

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Overviewer 0.10 released, supporting Minecraft 1.5

Today we have just released Overviewer 0.10.0, with support for Minecraft 1.5 (aka "The Redstone Update")!

Head over to github or our downloads page to get a copy!  As usual, stop by IRC, or open a github issue if you run into any problems.

With Minecraft 1.5, the format of texture packs has changed significantly.  Previously, textures were all stored in the same terrain.png file.  Now, each item and block has its own texture file.  You will run into problems if you use Overviewer 0.10.0, but haven't updated Minecraft (or your custom ...

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Introducing OIL

For the last few months, I've been working on a replacement for PIL to use with Overviewer. PIL is nice for simple imaging tasks, but as Overviewer grew we were constantly hitting annoying limitations or performance issues. Over time we've accumulated a bunch of ad-hoc image manipulation code, and we decided to consolidate it all and finally replace the parts of PIL we still used. The result is OIL (Overviewer Imaging Library), which is now very close to being finished.

Along the way, I decided to also rewrite Overviewer's renderer. Currently, Overviewer renders a world by pre-rendering ...

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Mapping Azeroth

WoW Map

RamsesA's Crafting Azeroth project completely recreates the World of Warcraft in Minecraft using an elaborate series of custom tools and old-fashioned manual touch-ups. For the last month or so, the Overviewer team has been working with him to render high-resolution maps of these worlds.

The two largest continents, Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, are complete and are ready to view. Other continents may also be made available as they are rendered.

The process of creating these worlds to begin with is difficult and extremely interesting, and you can learn about it in this Minecraft Forum thread. This blog post, though ...

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State of the Overviewer

For the last few months, Overviewer development has slowed. Fear not, the project is not dead! The semester is coming to a close and us core devs will hopefully re-acquire the necessary free time and motivation to handle some of the larger, outstanding, and much-requested features the community has been asking for.

Features like:

  • Easy addition of custom/mod blocks such as IC2, Redpower, etc.
  • As a superset of the above bullet, a plugin-type system for Overviewer to easily add functionality
  • A re-design of some of the config options that I personally think are confusing (like how --check-tiles works)
  • Better ...

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Overviewer History

derchris in #overviewer has made for us an updated visualization of the Overviewer commit history. Check it out!

What's interesting is you can pretty clearly see when I left around 0:30, or November 2010, and then when I return around 2:00, or October 2011.

Thanks derchris for the video! Thanks everyone for your contributions!

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Overviewer 0.9 released!

For an intro to Overviewer in general, see the front page of our documentation site.

Support for Minecraft 1.2 worlds is now merged into the "master" branch of our repository!

Those of you who have repositories with "anvil" or "rewrite" checked out will need to switch to the master branch (git checkout master).

Those of you who have the old "master" branch checked out will need to see This Post to upgrade to the new version. Config files are incompatible with this upgrade, so this is important!

Also to note if you're upgrading from 0.4 (the old ...

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