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RPM packages now available

To complement our APT repository, we now offer an RPM repository for RPM-based distros. Currently the RPMs are available for CentOS 5 and 6 and Fedora 16 but other targets could be added if there is enough interest. Details on installing the repo can be found over on RPM repo info page.

Are there any other platforms we should support? Let us know in the comments or drop by the IRC channel!

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Status of the new beta, and comments on Anvil

Thanks to those that have tried the new beta and given us feedback. We've already fixed several bugs; things are shaping up nicely!

About the new "Anvil" level format, we will be supporting this, but it is a rather hefty change. Our tentative plan is to make a new branch off of the beta "rewrite" branch for the anvil level format. Once the anvil format makes its way out of the Minecraft "pre-release" stage and into a proper release, we will merge the branch of our code and the new format will be the only one supported from then ...

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About the new Config File format

Edit Mar 3 2012: The "anvil" branch has been merged into master. This post edited to reflect that.

Edit: Mar 1 2012, updated this post to reflect the new "anvil" branch.

In our efforts to rewrite the internals of The Overviewer, we have stripped of almost all its command line options and opted to require everything but the simplest renders into a new config file format. This post goes over the rationale and how to get started with the new format.


Before it was possible to run the Overviewer without a configuration file at all. Every option ...

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Windows Noob Guide

I've written up a guide that assumes next to nothing about windows command prompts.

The Overviewer is a command-line program, and that is a barrier for a lot of people. While we have to compromise at some level -- not all the documentation can be written assuming no command line experience -- we do want to lower that barrier.

So with that, I present the first draft of the Windows Noob Guide to The Overviewer. Hopefully that will be enough to get more people started.

We love feedback. Please join us on IRC and help us improve the documentation!

About a ...

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Help us test our new beta

Edit: Mar 3 2012: The new beta has now been merged into master, and as such, some parts of this post (like how to try it out) are outdated. See this post.

Edit: Mar 1 2012: updated this post for the Anvil format. -brownan

We've been working hard for the last two months to almost completely re-write a lot of the internals of The Overviewer. And now we need your help to test it out, and give us feedback!

Why have we done this?

You may be wondering why we took 2 months off from regular development to rewrite ...

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The Overviewer Update Blog

Okay, so we need a place to tell our community about updates and to give everyone a place to follow the project. We have some big things coming soon, so everyone add this to your feed readers and bookmarks!

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